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In order to control an industrial process (regardless of the product being manufactured or its area of operation), it is necessary to measure and control a series of physical and chemical variables; for this, the instrumentation is used. The engineer who develops, designs and specifies the instruments that perform these measurements is the instrumentation engineer.

Instrumentation is defined as "the science that studies, develops and applies measurement and process control instruments".
Instrumentation is used to refer to the work area of technicians and engineers dealing with industrial processes (operating technicians, instrumentation, processors, instrumentation and automation engineers), but may also be related to the various methods and techniques applied instruments.
The instrumentation is related to the following equipment: boiler, chemical reactor, centrifugal pump, distillation column, furnace, burner, refrigerator, heater, dryer, air conditioner, compressor, heat exchanger and cooling tower. Measurement, installation and maintenance of instrumentation in process systems.